Топ журнал отто

топ журнал отто

Marinated Fassona beef (HK$380) was served in two dumpling-sized mounds wrapped in Jerusalem artichoke, one subtly flavoured, the other spicy and enhanced with anchovies, which we preferred. With easy access to three state parks, award-winning vineyards, entire blocks of antique stores, historic hotels and attractions, and—of course—great food, it’s an ideal weekend escape. With its stone-fired Neapolitan brick-oven, Rizzuto’s knows from pizza. At a press dinner at the Stamford restaurant’s opening, we got to toss and top our own pies and find out how much skill pizza making actually requires. Most outfitters offer half-day, full-day, and overnight trips. The beautifully turned pizzas were thin-crusted and the toppings of high quality.

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