Журнал playboy на андроид

журнал playboy на андроид

Today, we’re taking back and reclaiming who we are.» The magazine’s official Twitter account posted a sneak peek of its March/April 2017 cover, adding the hashtag #NakedIsNormal.The reintroduction of nudity won’t resemble the Playboy’s from the early-70s though. Just frame the cover or the pages that bear the logo of interactivity through the camera of your smartphone or tablet to experience the special contents like 3D, pictures and video of the backstage. You can pay $1 or more and get three games, beat the average to get six games, or pay a flat $5 to get every game. It’s a great way to give to charity and stock up on some awesome games to play. After more than a year without nude photos gracing the pages of Playboy, the magazine has returned to its old ways. The image will appear on the inside of the sphere.

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