Журнал трансформеры прайм 29 выпуск

журнал трансформеры прайм 29 выпуск

Unfortunately for Bumblebee and his team, the threat that Optimus had warned them of soon revealed itself as Megatronus, a disgraced member of the Thirteen. According to Steve White, Transformers was seen as «the big one», the title that would get Titan Magazines the attention and kudos of the UK comic industry.[1] It seemed to succeed, selling enough to get original cover art after #6, quite a feat in the UK licensed comic market. For the third season, episodes were tagged with «The Secret Files of Teletraan II», a series of short featurettes that used clips from the show and new narration from Caroli to provide histories for the Autobots, the Decepticons, the Quintessons, and other subjects.

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