Журнал для девушек 2014

журнал для девушек 2014

Our private sector partners are Grupo ABC, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), the CDC Foundation and the Nduna Foundation. These girls will be our Discovery Girls for 2014. At the Summit, they did everything our Discovery Girls have traditionally done: They modeled for us, wrote articles, and brainstormed ideas. They’ve maintained A’s and B’s in school and have broadened their extracurricular activities. Для описания этой книги прежде всего стоит отметить, что речь идет совершенно не о девушках. Then the adventure continues in Water Planet Rescue and Archie’s Alien Disguise (due out in April). «The series ingeniously works in facts about outer space alongside a fun, fast-paced story,» says Elizabeth Bird, a youth-materials specialist at the New York Public Library and mom of two. Put these on your gift list! By Karen Cicero from Parents MagazineEverything in this slideshow 1 of 12 1 of 12 Peter Ardito Board BookSnuggle the Baby, by Sara GillinghamIt’s a modern version of Pat the Bunny.

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