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The Post has at least part of six floors, 4 through 9. The two newsroom floors, 7 and 8, stretch the length of the building, essentially a city block. Steve showed me around the new headquarters one morning in October, and the place was still very much a construction site. We eased our way among a couple of hundred workers in hard hats. She often finds inspiration via textile books and Bauhaus weaving but says that lately the vibrant maker community, along with finding new beads and color combinations, has been getting her artistic juices flowing. “I always strive to grow as an artist and push myself further. The closer you are to it, the more you’re aware of the uncertainties.” And so how does that feel, boss? “It can be exhausting and it can be unnerving,” Marty said, “but it’s also exciting at the same time.” Marty’s been packing like everyone else and purging anything nonessential. Advertisers needed it. If anyone else wanted to get into the game, they faced a daunting entrance fee.


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