Журнал elle young

журнал elle young

After reflexology, Young M.A and Keys stay for massages–a brief intermission from their tour schedule. When that company has as deep a legacy as the 128-year-old Hearst does, that task gets even harder. With all the characters I’ve played, there’s been deep emotions and layers. Each star gets a solo vignette: Young M.A moves through scenery that looks like a New York City alley and checks out a girl in jumpsuit and Jordans. She was back in L.A., but she would text Jake, “Tell Elle this is what hurts at this stage.” So that was really helpful. Which makes me a widow, and makes our child 50 percent orphan.Aaron and I were married for three years, and even though that is about 47 years too short to get a really great party thrown by our grandkids in a church basement, we completely nailed our vows.

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