Журнал ля фамилия

Remittances from family members in the U.S. have fallen sharply. All photography Dillon Sachs Styling Avena Gallagher Hosted by Rome Gallery NYC What is a piece of clothing that “works”? Who is working whom? Is the one who poses the one who actually “works” hardest? The Army and the federal police sent in by Calderón are seen as hated occupiers. In Zitácuaro, at the eastern end of Michoacán, La Familia is the hated occupier. We were approaching Apatzingán, the main town in Tierra Caliente. Then, in mid-April, there were news reports that El Gato had been arrested in Mexico City. So he was no longer running Zitácuaro. Everybody came and danced. El Chayo is very gallant, very polite.

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