Журнал тпа маркетинг

журнал тпа маркетинг

Подробнее ПНТЗ отгрузит более 4 тыс. тонн труб в Канаду 20 декабря, 2016 Первоуральский новотрубный завод (ПНТЗ, входит в Группу ЧТПЗ) заключил контракт на поставку более 4 тыс. тонн насосно-компрессорных труб в Канаду. But a deal may eventually be struck. In the longer term, as shale gas becomes more widespread outside America, some countries will no longer need to import LNG, freeing up more supplies for the spot market. Big LNG projects need customers in order to secure finance for building the liquefaction and regas terminals and the specialist tankers that shuttle between them. And Shanghai is vying with Singapore to become a regional hub to develop spot markets based on competition between LNG, pipeline gas and domestic production.

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